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SIU posters

IMEL students participate in various national and international meetings every year and present their work in numerous ways. Posters submitted by IMEL members have appeared in research town hall meetings and various conferences.  Several of these posters were judged and won awards in their respective meetings.  Some of the posters presented by our students in the past conferences and meetings are:

Dooheon [Bill] Kim

           Multi-scale analysis for refractory fabric composites using FEA

Rick Miller

          Detection of Defects in C/C Composites Using Infrared Thermography

Yicheng Peter Pan

          Evaluation of Defects in Carbon/Carbon Composites by Thermal Diffusivity Mapping

Gautham Ramesh

          Set-Screw Break-off Study in Spinal Neurosurgery

Yicheng Peter Pan

         Through-Thickness Thermal Diffusivity Measurements and NDE System for
         Carbon/Carbon Disk Brake by Using Step Heating Infrared Thermography

Yicheng Peter Pan

         A Fuzzy Expert System for C/C Composite Aircraft Brake Disks by Using ACUT

Anish Poudel

         Detection of Defects in C/C Composite Aircraft Brake Disks by Using ACUT

Anish Poudel

        Intelligent Measurement & Evaluation Laboratory

Taylor Chance

        Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Materials

Anish Poudel and Caleb McGee

       Nondestructive Evaluation of Aerospace Composites

Samuel Oltman

       Non-Destructive Evaluation of Aerospace Composites

Stephanie Venis

      Biposy Retrieval Methods

Stephanie Venis

      Digital Image Correlation Applications in Biomedical and Aerospace Engineering